Posted on April 20, 2010


What do all those letters mean, you ask?  This week the American Institute of Architects’ Design-Build Knowledge Community (DBKC) changed its name to the Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PDKC) as a nod to an “expanded mission” that includes, but does not necessarily focus on, design-build.  Of note for architects, and anyone else interested in tapping the knowledge of this subgroup, is that the Chair states the group’s interest is to “accumulate and distribute knowledge about all forms of project delivery, including comparisons between delivery methods.”

This is good news for anyone who seeks research on project delivery methods.  The new Project Delivery Knowledge Community will be a great place to seek out info, particularly for facility directors, owners, and anyone on a project task force who is helping to draft or outsource an RFP.  Those folks now have a legitimate place to do some preliminary research (outside of consulting a trusted architect or builder) prior to making a decision that will significantly affect the cost, quality and schedule of their future project.

On the down side, die hard design-builders (DB) have temporarily lost their exclusive AIA Knowledge Community. This is a sign of the times, not so much as a slight to DB since it is a growing delivery method, but as a tip of the cap to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and the ever-improving and evolving ways of getting projects designed and built. If you read between the lines, the PDKC becomes more inclusive, as it can discuss CM, IPD and other hybrid models, and therefore becomes more comprehensive and neutral in presenting information for third parties. Most likely, this is very important to the AIA because it benefits everyone, and is the genesis behind the move.

Having an exclusive Design-Build Knowledge Community was actually trailblazing in my mind when it began, and I have a feeling it will return in the future as its own entity. It will take both DB and IPD to make significant strides toward project delivery dominance / preference among owners. Much like sustainability and LEED, I see this less of a trend and more of an inevitability. So if you are not already, get familiar with the terms and acronyms, and see you at the PDKC!

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